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San Antonio Apostille and Translation Services is a subsidiary of My San Antonio Mobile Notary. All document Apostilles, Authentications and Certifications are handled through My San Antonio Mobile Notary Services.

My San Antonio Mobile Notary is a Certified Apostille Agent / private agency specializing in the State of Texas Apostille processing and courier services for all Texas Counties.

Apostille and Authentication/Certification processing, along with USCIS Compliant Certified Translation Services are also provided for all 50 states.

My San Antonio Mobile Notary serves as an “agent” offering customers/clients personal assistance in obtaining Apostilles and or Authentications/Certifications. Assistance is provided in processing Apostilles and/or Authentications/Certification requests for both Hague and non-member Hague countries.

For more information on Apostille and/or Authentication/Certification processing services and pricing click here, or call (210) 343-5007, or (877) 955-2237. You can also send an email request to: or

**Please note: I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. If you have any “legal” questions, please consult an attorney prior to contacting San Antonio Apostille Services for Apostille and or Authentication/Certification processing services.

Apostille Services Provided for all 50 States

 We also offer USCIS Compliant Certified Translation Services.

San Antonio Apostille and Translation Services,  and My San Antonio Mobile Notary are not affiliated with the Secretary of State of Texas or any, local, state or federal government agency.  We do not “issue Apostilles and/or Authentications/Certifications”, however, we can assist with the process of your requests and provide courier services (for Texas Apostille).

Documents for Apostille

Apostilles and Certifications only certify to the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document, the capacity in which that official acted, and when appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears. The Apostille or Certification does not validate the contents of the document.

The Secretary of State authenticates signatures only on documents issued signed by a notary public or the following public officials and their deputies (See below for federal documents and documents which require authentication by the US Department of State):

  •     County Clerks, Registrar-Recorder
  •     Court Administrators of the Superior Court
  •     Executive Clerks of the Superior Court
  •     Officers whose authority is not limited to any particular county
  •     Executive Officers of the Superior Court
  •     Judges of the Superior Court
  •     Notaries Public
  •     State Officials

Personal Documents:

  •     Marriage Licenses, Divorce agreements, Divorce Decree
  •     Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates
  •     Single Status to Marry, No record of a Marriage
  •     Criminal Record – Criminal Background Check
  •     FBI Criminal Background Check (Federal Document)
  •     Local Police, Sheriff’s Department, etc…
  •     Power of Attorney – General, Special, Finance, Real Estate etc.
  •     Notarized copies of Passport, Affidavits, and other documents
  •     Papers for Adoption purposes
  •     Transcripts (High School, College, University, or any other issuing agency)
  •     Diploma, Degree Certificates, Graduation Records
  •     Permission to Travel, Consent by Parent(s) to travel with Minor Children
  •     Certificate of Naturalization (Federal Document)

Business / Corporate Documents:

  •     Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation
  •     Merger Agreements
  •     Authorization letter for Bank, Finance, Office, and related company matters
  •     Certificates of Amendment
  •     Certificate of Good Standing
  •     Power of Attorney
  •     Certificate of Incumbency
  •     Corporate Resolution
  •     Certification of Free Sale
  •     Certificate of Origin
  •     Certificate of Analysis
  •     Corporate Forms
  •     Joint Venture Agreements
  •     Stock Purchase Agreement in Foreign Companies
  •     Business Letter of Invitation